About Impulse

Emily Kaler | Editor in Chief

Hey everyone! I’m Emily, I’m a Senior in advertising here at U of I, my main interest however, is fashion. I hope to graduate from the U of I and the move to Los Angeles, California to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). I’m a lover of life and adventure and I am excited about the future!

Juliany Nakazato | Creative Director

Hey, hey – I’m Juliany and I’m a Senior in graphic design. I like good coffee, good music, a good laugh, and a good time. In my free time you can catch me at your local coffee house, Netflixing in bed with a bowl of easy mac, or dancing through hallways Footloose-Kenny-Loggins-warehouse-scene style.

Enrique Hernandez | Co-Managing Editor

Hi everyone! I’m Enrique and I am a current Junior majoring in Communications with a minor in Public Relations. After my time at UIUC, I hope to attain a job in the fashion industry to further cultivate and serve as the liaison between major fashion houses, designers, and retailers in transmitting their message to the public. When I am not busy studying at Starbucks or trying to figure out the perfect Instagram caption, you can find me buried in a Zara clearance rack.

Monika Wrobel | Co-Managing Editor

Hi everyone, I’m currently a Senior studying Communications and a minor in Public Relations. After graduating from The University of Illinois, I hope to move to London and work for a PR firm that represents entertainment, fashion and/or lifestyle companies. If you can’t find me hanging out at any coffee shop on campus, I’m probably watching The Office for the 78th time in a row.

Rachel Pickus | Co-Managing Editor

Hi! My name is Rachel and I’m currently a Senior at UIUC, studying graphic design and art history. Post graduation I’m interested in pursuing a creative career in the fashion industry that will support my addiction to overpriced coffee and unnecessary skincare.