Chicago’s House of Blues was filled to capacity Saturday, October 21st with people eager to feel the electricity Indie-Pop band LANY exudes. The trio originated in Los Angeles, California which is half of the inspiration for the band’s title “LANY,” composed of the city’s abbreviation LA as well as New York’s famous “NY.” Members Paul Klein, Jake Goss and Les Priest were friends who decided to combine their gifts to form LANY back in March of 2014. Their success has been exponential ever since releasing their debut EP “Acronyms” which featured hit song “ILYSB”.

Lead vocalist Paul Klein opened the show by getting Chicagoans excited with his ideology that, “Everything you love about New York minus everything you hate about New York equals Chicago.” The crowd remained charged the entire night, finding the few inches of free space left in the over-crowded House of Blues to dance along with the band. Klein’s intimate connection to each song was evident with his elaborate performances unique to each song. His intricate dances were not only exciting but intoxicating along with his other performance efforts ranging from playing his guitar while lying on his back on the ground, standing atop the piano and stage diving into the crowd. Each song was a unique journey through Klein and the rest of LANY’s psyche.

The crowd was just as invested as Klein. During their popular song “Flowers on the Floor,” members of the crowd threw red roses at the feet of LANY. Fans told me this was a tradition at every concert. Unique to the concert I attended, during the popular song “Hericane”, several fans near the front each held signs that read “We love you still, we always will” which models the lyrics reading “I love you still, I always will”. Paul was moved to tears by this and graciously thanked the audience.

Not only is LANY’s passion real, but their fan’s involvement and connection to the music is as well. See what it’s all about here:

Twitter: thisisLANY
Instagram: thisislany
Spotify: LANY


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