On the Record With: Nightly

On the Record With: Nightly

Roscoe Village’s Beat Factory buzzed with anticipation of alt-pop band Nightly’s return to Chicago. Philadelphia born cousins Jonathon Capeci and Joey Beretta had dabbled in other bands before they decided to move to Nashville to take their music to the next level. Joining with friends Stephen Cunsolo and Nicholas Sainato, Nightly, short for “Night, love you”, was born. Ever since, Nightly has continued to rise opening for The All-American Rejects, Ke$ha, Zella Day and more. Before the show, Impulse Magazine cozied up in a booth with cousins Jonathon Capeci and Joey Beretta to grasp the minds behind the electricity.

Impulse Magazine: Walk me through your creative process.

Jonathon: It’s different every time. Generally, it’s either one of two ways: either we’ll start with the music being either a progression or a beat, and then we’ll essentially, for lack of better terms, freestyle over that and find something cool. Joey will come up with a guitar part that sounds cool and we’ll just kind of play around with it until something feels right. So that’s one way we do it as far as song writing. Or I keep a lot of voice notes myself. I literally have a million or so actual notes. I’ll just write down something in my notes like let’s see… let’s see if I can find one. There was this one idea I had for a song called “The Feeling” so I just wrote a few little things. I’ll just be like, “Yo, I wanna write this song about this” and then it usually comes out pretty easily if we do that.

Impulse Magazine: So, you write all your own beats then?

Jonathon: Yeah, yeah. I mean we write everything, you know. Sometimes we’ll work with a producer or somebody like that. We have a couple friends who we collaborate with too. We wouldn’t put something out that we didn’t write.

Impulse Magazine: What would you say triggers your creative process?

Joey: Anything does. It’s not only music, but experiences. We have been in a lot of bands and we’ve written a lot of songs, but this band is different because it’s all real to us. Anything can spark it. Like a good cheeseburger can spark an emotion, you know? Or a good vegan burger. Whatever you’re into. But yeah, you know, life in general.

Jonathon: It’s just something we enjoy, so we do it a lot. We literally both wrote something in the car today on the drive here. He wrote something and then I wrote something and then when we’re off the road we’ll just get together and figure it out. Or even if we are on the road together we’ll be like, “Yo we came up with this sick beat.” We’re inspired just by our emotions; we’re very emo.

Impulse Magazine: We noticed that a lot of your songs are about relationships and things of that nature. Would you say that is something that is healing for you to sing these songs on tour or does it rehash old feelings every night?

Jonathon: No. Honestly, writing and singing are kind of therapeutic. It’s kind of weird, but whether it’s a song about being angry or heartbroken, it’s a cathartic experience to write it. The ones that make it to the point of us playing them live, we are stoked on. There’s definitely a lot that we’ve written that we don’t sing.

Joey: Mostly bad songs –

Jonathon: Yeah I’ll be like, “Oh man, I’m really sad about this thing,” and I’ll write it and it will still feel good to write and get it out there, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be heard. I’d say it’s more therapeutic; I wouldn’t say that it like rehashes anything for me personally.

Impulse Magazine: What would you say makes you different from what is out there?

Jonathon: Just the fact that we are two unique individuals coming together to make music. I mean everything that we do has our fingerprint on it. If you hear my voice you would know that it’s me. Even to sample synths and the way that Joey plays guitar is so different from how normal people play guitar that it’s like… I can play the chorus and he can just make it into something beautiful instantly. It’s just the fact that it’s us. It’s what makes you different as humans than those two people. Where there’s a lot of little things right? We try to put ourselves into the music versus trying to sound like somebody else.

Joey: We don’t just want to write a song for the sake of writing a song. There’s always an actual experience behind it.

Jonathon: Like an emotion or an experience. Right, that’s a good way to put it. And we’re just trying to be ourselves. We’re not trying to be like ‘N Sync or something.

Impulse Magazine: From a band aesthetics standpoint, do you design your album covers, merchandise, etc., or is it outsourced?

Jonathon: So far, we have literally done everything. We have designed the album art ourselves, we have designed the logo ourselves, designed every t-shirt, designed our lightshow. Every picture has been uploaded by us. I mean we are still very much at that level where we do everything. And we just care about it so, I mean, we delegate when we are not able to – like shooting a music video or something like that.

Joey: I think if someone else did it, you would know right away.

Jonathon: Yeah, we just have a vision of where we want to go so that’s just something that we are trying to establish.

Impulse Magazine: Would you say that this is something that you’ve always wanted to do? What was the point where you were like ‘this is something that we want to pursue?’

Joey: So, we’re cousins and we both bought matching Fender Squier guitars when we were 13 and we were like, “We’re going to be in a band together, this is what we want to do,” and our group of friends growing up, that was like just what we did. We weren’t really good at anything else. We just all were in bands that were all terrible, but you learn a lot from experience. Then we went to college together and dropped out after like a year and said, “Let’s try to do music.” And then we moved down to Nashville and were like let’s do it. Everything else… there were a lot of times where we were not sure if we could do it anymore but again we are not good at anything else, this always gave us purpose and meaning.

Nightly is currently on tour with “The Night Game” as they continue to work on new music. This is only the beginning for Nightly. With their alt-pop sound, authentic individual lyrics, and their relentless creativity, they’re bound to be a staple in any weekend playlists.

 Nightly’s EP “Honest” can be found on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube.
Follow their craft:
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