Ten Cups of Tea

Ten Cups of Tea

In a society where people praise pills, at-home remedies can seem like a thing of the past. Next time you’re sick, consider healing your body from the inside out with ingredients that you can actually pronounce rather than popping that prescription.
Tea is an ancient remedy that has been used for thousands of years for its comforting and healing properties that are known to connect your body and mind through elements found in nature; no preservatives or fancy, long medical names here.
I started drinking tea a couple of years ago but never got too into it mainly because I depended on my coffee fixes and Walgreens stops every time I felt under the weather. However, at college it can feel like every day is cold and flu season so I’ve learned that drinking tea regularly not only helps you physically feel better but it can boost your mental health by providing moments of relaxation and clarity as well.
My mom always used to call tea nature’s flu shot and I finally realized what she meant as I recently got over a cold relying solely on some tea bags and my favorite mug. After doing more research on the health benefits of tea, I found that this cozy drink is almost an art form of sorts; each tea is known to target and heal each specific ailment.

If you’re looking for a tea that will help you wake up as much if not more than coffee, black or chai tea is going to be your new best friend.
Are you struggling with making those 8ams and are constantly feeling tired no matter how many naps you try to squeeze into your schedule? Do yourself a favor and check out green tea.

Feeling restless can really impact your day, luckily cherry tea soothes this feeling of uneasiness.
If you’re struggling with sleep deprivation, over-exhaustion or just need help getting a good night’s rest, be on the lookout for lavender.

No one likes feeling bloated; it’s uncomfortable and can turn any day into a sweats day. Peppermint tea is known to not only ease bloating, but helps boost your metabolism as well.
Lately, I’ve been drinking a cup of ginger tea almost every day to soothe my headaches and nausea. This caffeine-free remedy does wonders for common cold symptoms as well.
Licorice tea is a great alternative to cough drops and throat spray; this all-natural solution eases sore throats and tastes way better than that cherry and grape cough syrup.

Everyone feels down once in awhile and that’s right when lemongrass steps in to save the day. This ingredient helps diminish depressed feelings and promotes overall wellness.
Chamomile tea, my personal favorite, helps with feeling stressed or anxious.
Citrus flavors like orange and lemon alleviate feelings of anger and aggression.
Not only is tea versatile but it’s easy to access and tastes great regardless where you get it. With coffee shops trending as the latest social hub, consider ordering some tea rather than coffee the next time you venture out. On those days you’re cooped up on your couch sick and don’t feel like doing much other than binge-watching Netflix, stock up on your favorite tea in its bag form. Tea bags are an easy alternative to loose-leaf teas that can require more complex steeping processes. Heat up water in a teapot or microwave and you’ll have freshly brewed tea in minutes. This super drink is not only healthy and soothing but is more cost-effective and budget-friendly compared to over-the-counter medications and prescriptions. Make the switch to tea and your mind, body and budget will thank you.


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