Guess What’s Back? Ten 90’S Trends That Make A Return in 2017

Guess What’s Back? Ten 90’S Trends That Make A Return in 2017

  1. Mesh Tops
    What seemed to be an “emo” style twenty years ago is making its way back to high fashion. Take a risk and wear mesh with only a black bra underneath or as Kendall Jenner would, with just stickers covering herself up. Affordable at Urban Outfitters for just $24, let what you put underneath it boost your confidence level.
  1. Corduroy Skirts
    22 years later, Clueless makes a comeback with the burgundy corduroy button up skirt. Pair this with any band t-shirt like Alexa Chung (left), or dress it up with a nice top. Find this 90s trend at Brandy Melville or Forever 21.
  1. Velvet
    All things velvet are back and sexier than ever. Go casual with a light pink velveteen tank on a night out or dress it up with a slip dress like Kylie Jenner (right). This style is so wide-ranging, add a fur jacket for some extra spunk like our Editor-in- Chief, Emily Kraler (left). 
    4. Slip dresses
    This comfy yet super trendy look has made a serious reappearance into celebrity day wear. Make it casual, slip a t-shirt underneath to turn a night out into a day-out. Sorry Kate Moss (far right), although slip dresses are in again, 2017 is going to have to make baby steps to the all-mesh all-nude slip dress look.

    5. Fur
    The trendiest addition to any outfit: stay warm with a colorful fur jacket like Gigi Hadid (far left). We’ve seen fur a lot lately, maybe because it’s the best 90s style to ever exist, or maybe because it’s the best way to stay warm AND fashionable. Regardless, it will always be a go-to coat for any outfit.
    6. Jean jackets
    Jean on jean on jean. Thank you Brittney and Justin for starting this trend and forcing us to fall in love with it. Pair different colored jean pants with jean jackets and get the ultimate retro look like Drew Barrymore (far right) or Bella Hadid (center). Tassels, pins, rips are all great complements to roughen up any jean jacket and make it a fashion statement. Best to buy at any thrift shop and add your own individuality.
    7. Fish nets
    We want fishnets but we don’t want to see them. While they are back in course, we have seen a lot of celebrities wearing fish nets under jeans instead of skirts and dresses. This edgy look, where the nets peak out on your ankles and stomach (seen on Vanessa Hudgens left), give us an exposed yet stealthy style that we love.
    8. Tinted glasses
    Not sure if they even block the sun or just are known for their sleek transparent look. Nonetheless, these shades are in again. Maybe not in the same size, but the tinted glass aspect has become a major sunglasses trend on celebrities like Hailey Baldwin (right).


  1. Platforms
    As seen on Julianne Hough (far left), the platforms shoes are a hipster trend we’d like to see more of in 2017. The spice girls showed us the ropes of how these high tops can bump up your style (literally), and we can’t get enough of them. Whether it’s on a heel, sandal or sneaker, platforms heighten any outfit.

    10. Juicy sweatpants
    We’ve seen it on Kylie’s recent Instagram posts, gaining millions of likes, but are the Juicy sweat suits back for good? We’d like to think so. A HUGE trend in the late 90s early 2000’s seen on Brittney Spears (center) and Paris Hilton (far right), we anticipate to come back into sight this year. It’s still early, but we have high hopes for this comfy movement to make its revival.

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