Stylin’ on the days you’ve hit that snooze button too many times

Stylin’ on the days you’ve hit that snooze button too many times

Just another five minutes turns into another twenty, and now all of a sudden you’ve got ten minutes to get ready. Yikes. Often people will resort to a t-shirt and leggings when in a rush because it’s easy, but you’re still capable of putting together a fashionable outfit under a time constraint – it’s much easier than you may think. A go-to outfit is the backup outfit that never fails to make you feel comfortable and stylish.


Essential pieces to this go-to outfit include a jacket, any simple top, jeans, comfortable shoes, and a favorite accessory. Investing in outerwear, such as a jean jacket or vegan leather jacket, automatically creates the illusion of being put-together because it adds structure and texture.


Depending on the season, a band t-shirt or cozy turtleneck is perfect to slide under a jacket. As for pants, typically any plain black jeans or boyfriend jeans work. I find that simplicity is often the key to curating a go-to outfit.


As for shoes, just stick to simple boots, sneakers, or sandals. My personal favorites are the classic Dr. Martens boots. They’re simple and practically indestructible (mine have survived two years of Lollapalooza).


Finally, an accessory such as sunglasses, rings, or a watch is a finishing touch that ties the look together. Again, there’s no need to overthink this part, just make a simple accessory a part of your daily look. I don’t go a day without my two silver rings. It’s up to you to add your personal touch!


Once you’ve obtained a solid go-to outfit, you can conquer the world with confidence and style.

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