An Open Letter to Those Finishing Their First Year of College

An Open Letter to Those Finishing Their First Year of College

It’s been a year since you’ve graduated high school and said goodbye to everyone you supposedly were never supposed to see again, but manage to see every time you come back for break. The big stride into the ‘real world’ turned out to be a 3-hour drive to some cornfields where thousands of people also your age are living without parents too.

After unpacking all the unnecessary things you brought, hugging your parents out the door and awkwardly discussing majors and classes with your roommate, you recognize that you’ve entered college. The realization is followed by syllabus week, basically a week of getting belligerently drunk everyday and forgetting the names of every single person you’re introduced.  At the end of the week, hungover and bleary eyed, you realize you are at school and not summer camp.

Before you know it, Thanksgiving break rolls around and your floor mates are your best friends and everybody else is just a friendly acquaintance. You’re in the midst of midterm week and haven’t studied once — oh crap, I’m supposed to get a college education while I’m here too. With calls from your parents once or twice a week where all you can say is “I have friends and am passing” because you decide there really isn’t much else you should tell them besides that. Mostly because you can’t remember any weekend since their last visit.

After first semesters introductions, exams and general recklessness, second semester is all about gathering yourself up and swearing that this semester you will get your shit together. Each month before the school year is over, your roommate gets a little messier, you start to skip more classes and you might have gained the freshman fifteen that you told yourself you wouldn’t. Before you know it, second semester flies by — along with your bank account — and you can’t count your drinking tickets, hookups, or black outs on one hand anymore. Your year consisted of a bunch of bad but slightly funny things that kept happening to you where you didn’t know whether to laugh or cry about, so you just accept them like the champion you are.

Looking back at yourself a year ago in your cap and gown walking down the halls of your high school, you don’t recognize that person anymore. College has brought out things in you you didn’t know you had, friendships you never thought you would make and stories that will last a lifetime.

And the best part is that you still have three years left.

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