The Fashion Community Loses Three Greats

The Fashion Community Loses Three Greats

Tears have been shed and the fashion world is in mourning as three amazingly creative men leave their respective fashion houses.

The past few weeks have left the fashion world in shock when the creative directors of three separate fashion houses decided to step down.

Alber Elbaz is the most recent designer to leave his position as creative director for Lanvin, the oldest fashion house in France. He’d been with the label since 2001. Elbaz has been a personal favorite of mine. His edgy, vamp-like designs effectively redesigned the brand and have been incredibly popular on the runway and in Hollywood. He will definitely be missed.

Along with Elbaz, Balenciaga’s Alexander Wang and Dior’s Raf Simons have both left their positions for undisclosed reasons. One thing is for sure: no designer in the world will ever match the impact and popularity of these three greats.

As one of my all time favorites, Elbaz added charisma and his own personal flair to a historic fashion house that desperately needed to redone. Upon his arrival at Lanvin, Elbaz was given free reign to bring life back to the label. He revived Lanvin by incorporating strong silhouettes with the perfect amount of edge and sex appeal. His 14 year tenure at Lanvin made the industry reconsider the brand that had slipped under the radar for so long. Now that Elbaz is leaving, it will be interesting to see whether or not the new creative director will be able to fill the magnificently fashionable shoes Elbaz has left behind.

I know for certain that this won’t be the last time we see these three legends — it’s not so much a matter of when we will see them, but rather a matter of where. Will they join other distinguished fashion houses or will they concentrate on developing their own lines like Tom Ford after he left Gucci or Michael Kors once he departed from Céline in 2004?

It seems as if fashion is in a recovery period: a new group of designers will move in to fill these desired positions and the experienced ones will move on to change the courses of other distinguished brands. I’m not sure where the industry is headed, but with three great designers like Elbaz, Wang and Simons on the market, it should be interesting.

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