A Rising Talent from the Land Down Under: Thomston

A Rising Talent from the Land Down Under: Thomston


It was inevitable that Thomas Stoneman – artistically known as Thomston – would garner a few Lorde comparisons. Like the teen sensation, he’s young (19-years-old) and hails from the down-under region of Auckland, New Zealand.

Beyond sharing the same home country and similar ages, Thomston’s music delivers a comparable sound to Lorde’s.

Thomston’s sound is ultimately pop, but not the over-produced, glamorized tracks coming through today. He has a chilling, moody sound which only reinforces the Lorde comparisons.

“I’m a fan of [Lorde] and her music, but the comparisons are growing tiresome,” he told online music blog, Pigeons and Planes, “Plus, I haven’t got Grammys so I’m like the lame, non-famous, less cool, and not critically acclaimed version of her.”

According to P&P, Thomston initially opted out of working with top producers to give listeners a chance to hear his homemade material first. He released his “School Night” EP for free, which quickly earned some buzz and critical praise.

“My EP was produced by me and a friend Samuel Brandford. The whole EP was just made in a bedroom by two teenagers with limited experience, and I didn’t intend on it going any further than to friends and family, but then it just kinda spread,” he told P&P.

This past summer, Thomston released his second EP, “Argonaut,” which stays true to his atmospheric and light-angst pop sound, but includes some subtle R&B touches.

Now he’s picking up more momentum and recently signed to Saiko Management, the team behind Lorde’s management. Thomston also just released his first music video for the track “Anaesthetic.”

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